New Idea that grows out to a site

New Idea that grows out to a site

How we got this site started ?

It all began with a idea that we are having and started to build on.

So we started to build our own webshop as there was no script out here that provided the things we needed.

we where looking for a easy to use system, so you can deside exactly what you want.

With a stock management and with multi option selections and even multi price based on your selection.

So after using prestashop, it dit not feel right to use it.

It was slow, it was buggy and needed to fix a lot of things to prevent total breakdown of the system.

At that moment i was already working on redesiging my old script i created from 5 years ago.

This script got converted from PHP 5 to PHP 8 and is fully operational now.
you can see the script on

Why you use a multi shop system then ?

Well, after creating the script and spending a lot of time to it to tweak it for my personal use i got the feeling that it is more complicated then it need to be.

At this moment there is not a single online platform that let you sell 3D specific products, so why not create a platform for that use ?
Then you got a platform that can be used by every one with out the hassle of setting it up yourself. simple register and start seling
this also create a bigger portofolio and allows local sellers to sell there stuff easy.

This also allow to reach a bigger audience, let other designers sell there STL files or there products with out the complicated setup like other platforms has
So the multi site is born and can now be used by every one who like to earn a bit of money.